Emergency Treatment

We always keep time free during the day for urgent or emergency treatment and will endeavour to fit anyone in to relive pain, treat an infection or provide some temporary treatment.

Out of Hours Emergency Arrangements

For registered patients of this practice, call us on 01489 894496 and our answer phone will give details of our out of hours emergency arrangements.

Types of emergencies and what to do.

A broken or chipped tooth is the most common 'emergency', though in reality this is really an inconvenience rather than an emergency. Teeth can often break around old amalgam (metal) fillings. This is not likely to be painful, though the tooth may be a little temperature sensitive and the broken part can be rough or sharp. Temporary treatment is usually to smooth off any sharp edges or placing a temporary filling.

Toothache can vary from a tooth being unusually sensitive to hot or cold to severe throbbing type pain. Try taking some Ibruprofen or Paracetamol but don't take more take than is advised on the pack. If this makes things bearable, call for an urgent appointment. A tooth that is throbbing, especially with anything warm or hot, is going to need treatment as soon as possible. Again, try taking some painkillers but if these provide little relief call for an emergency appointment.

Swelling is more serious and is usually the sign of an infection or abscess. Call for an emergency appointment as antibiotics may be needed and the sooner the infection gets diagnosed and treated, the better.