Adult Orthodontics with Six Month Smiles

Straightening teeth (orthodontics) is not just for kids. Many adults can also benefit from enjoying straighter teeth thanks to the incredible Six Months Smiles adult cosmetic braces system form the USA.

Crooked and discoloured upper teethEnlighten tooth whitening treatment to upper teeth and teeth straightened with six month smiles system
(upper teeth straighten in 6months and whitened with our Enlighten system)

Straight Teeth in just 6 Months?

Yes. Most adult orthodontics using the Six Months Smiles system is completed within 6 months. Sometimes in just 4 and occasionally it may take 8-9 months.

How does it work?

Impressions moulds and photos of your teeth are taken and sent to the US for the custom made fixed brace to be designed and made. When back, the brace is bonded to the teeth - either just top or bottom or both arches of teeth. The system uses small tooth coloured brackets and a tooth coloured wire to move your teeth.

Sometimes it may be necessary to thin the teeth very slightly in-between to help them start to move and make some space. The wire is changed every month and after 6 months you should have straight teeth.

Will they stay straight?

Yes. At the end of treatment when the brackets are removed, we take a new mould for a fixed retainer to be made. Again, this is custom made in the USA and is bonded to the back of your now straight teeth which will keep them there - permanently. No need to wear the night time type retainers except for the two weeks while the permanent fixed retainer is made.


How much does it cost?

For top teeth only (or bottom teeth only) £2197. For both top and bottom £2997. The price is fully inclusive irrespective of how long it takes and includes the permanent fixed retainer. Call us on 01489 894496 to book a free, no obligation consultation to see if the Six Months Smile system can help you. Alternatively, send us an email.

worn and discoloured upper teethteeth straighten with six month smiles adult braces, teeth whiotened and upper teeth restored with dental veneers
(Lower teeth straightened with Six Month Smiles and whitened with Enlighten Teeth Wehitening. Upper teeth Veneers made with our Cerec system)