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16 Shades lighter with our Enlighten Evolution 3 whitening treatment

We have been helping people to achieve a whiter, brighter smile for over ten years using tooth whitening. Teeth whitening treatment has improved a lot since we first started and we can now guarantee a lighter, brighter smile everytime with the Enlighten Evolution 3 system. All the before and after photos are of patients treated and photographed at Shield House Dentistry.

Why have my teeth darkened?

Tea, coffee, red wine, in fact any food or drink with colour will gradually cause teeth to darken. Also, adult teeth are not naturally ‘white’ but various shades of grey or yellow.

How does the whitening treatment work?

The Enlighten Tooth whitening system uses a combination of 10-16% Carbamide Peroxide and 6% Hydrogen Peroxide gels which work by gently bleaching out the stains and discolourations in the teeth.

Is it safe?

Peroxide based tooth whitening has been around for over fifty years and has been proved to be completely safe and harmless to teeth. New EU regulations have recently (2012) lowered the concentration of peroxide allowed, but despite this, the treatment is still effective.

Why the Enlighten System?

I have been whitening teeth for over 15 years and without any doubt, the Enlighten System is the best. We get guaranteed results with very little sensitivity or discomfort. What's more, it is permanent.

Do ‘over the counter’ kits work?

You can buy tooth whitening kits from Ebay, pharmacies, some beauty salons and even hairdressers. Whilst they may work to some extent, results are often unpredictable & there is no guarantee of the quality and safety of the materials used. All whitening materials I use are CE marked ‘medical devices’, which means they have been tested and manufactured to the same standard as prescription medicines. Only dentists can prescribe and use these materials.

How long does the treatment take?

Following an initial consultation to assess your teeth and make sure you are suitable for whitening, impression mould will be taken and sent to the Enlighten Lab for the custom made whitening trays to be made.
Two weeks later, the trays will be ready a short 15 min appointment will be needed to check the fit and go through the process of using the trays at home over the next two weeks.
Finally, a 1 hour appointment will be needed for the In-Surgery power whitening treatment. This is usual booked two weeks after the home treatment starts.
So, it should take no longer than 4-6 weeks from the first consultation to complete the whitening treatment.

David before tooth whiteningdavid after tooth whitening at Simon Smyth Dentistry

Sue before tooth whiteningSue after tooth whitening at Simon Smyth Dentistry

David before tooth whiteningDavid after tooth whitening at Simon Smyth Dentistry

Martin before tooth whiteningMartin after tooth whitening at Simon Smyth Dentistry




(All before and after photos are patients treated by Dr Smyth)

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