CEREC Porcelain Dental Crowns

Crowns (or caps) cover all surfaces of the teeth and are used when the teeth are more broken down or have been heavily filled. Again, we mostly use our CEREC technology to make beautiful and strong ceramic crowns. Also, as there is no metal underneath, you do not get a 'black line' so often seen with conventional crowns.

Scroll down the page to for before and after photos of some of our patients, and see how CEREC crowns were used to transform their smiles. All of the patients were treated and photographed by Dr Simon Smyth.

Case 1 - Lisa

Lisa was unhappy with her upper front teeth being crooked & discoloured. After a tooth whitening treatment, we made CEREC crowns for her front four incisor teeth colour matched to her whitened teeth.

28 Lisa a

28 Lisa b

Case 2 - Peter

Peter had teeth that were very heavily filled with amalgam and composite. His upper teeth all restored with CEREC crowns, made and fitted in one day.Peter

Case 3 - Karen

12 CEREC all-ceramic crowns, again made in one day, gave Karen a fabulous smile!

Case 4 - Russell

Worn upper teeth restored with eight CEREC all-ceramic crowns. Gums reshaped with Laser re-contouring. All completed in one day.

Case 5 - Amanda

Old crowns with poor appearance replaced in a single visit with beautiful CEREC all-ceramic crowns.

Case 6 - Jenny

Gum line reshaped with our Siro laser and 10 CEREC all-ceramic crowns made and fitted - all in one day.

Case 7 - Beverley

Old porcelain/metal crowns with black edges at gumline. Crowns replaced with CEREC all-caramic crowns and in just one appointment.

Case 8 - Maralyn

An implant and crown was used to replace the damaged front left incisor and the other teeth were restored with Cerec all-ceramic crowns

Case 9 - Angela

A total smile makeover using 12 CEREC all-ceramic crowns.

Case 10 - Ian

Worn down teeth restored with 18 high strength CEREC all-ceramic eMax crowns

Case 11 - Jo

Missing back teeth replace with implants and crowns (also featured on our Implant page), front teeth restored with CEREC all
ceramic Crowns

Case12 - Sid

You're never too old for a new smile! Missing back replaced with ceramic bridges and CEREC all-ceramic crowns were used to restore the other teeth.

Case 13 - Natalie

An accident with an air gun shattered two teeth in this young smile. In just a single appointment of less than 2 hrs, we completely restored these broken teeth and Natalie's smile, with all-ceramic crowns using our CEREC system.

Case 14 - Kate

Kate needed an implant to replace a broken front tooth (see Implants) and we also restored her other front teeth with CEREC crowns.

Case 15 - Shelly

Two all-ceramic bridges and some CEREC crowns gave Shelly a new smile.

Case 16 - Richard

No more discoloured fillings using 6 CEREC crowns - and all completed in just one morning.

Case 17 - Glenis

Old porcelain crowns replaced with six CEREC crowns

Case 18 - Richard

A whitening treatment followed by six CEREC crowns for the upper front teeth gave Richard a new smile for his wedding day