CEREC Porcelain Dental Veneers

Veneers are where we cover only the front surface of a tooth with porcelain - the simplest analogy is like comparing them to a false fingernail. They are made of ceramic (dental porcelain) and are seamlessly bonded to the tooth making them very strong. They should typically last fifteen years or more and will look and feel like natural teeth. They are often used to close gaps, straighten teeth, whitening discoloured teeth. We usually use our CEREC system to make our porcelain dental veneers, so they can be made and fitted in a single appointment without the need for temporary veneers or impressions.

Below are before and after photos of patients I have treated with CEREC Porcelain Veneers

Case 1 - Lauren

Following a tooth whitening treatment, CEREC veneers were used to straighten Lauren's upper four front teeth.

Lauren a
Lauren b
Lauren c

Case 2 - Jessica

Jessica was unhappy with her crooked front teeth and the colour. She didn't want years of wearing braces so we whitened her teeth with our Zoom system and then made four CEREC veneers for her front teeth. Fabulous!
Jessica Smile makeover with Cerec porcelain veneers and a ZOOM tooth whitening treatment

Case 3 - Jeff

- worn from teeth restored with six CEREC veneers and two CEREC crowns.

.Jeff worn and discoloured teeth restored with Cerec porcelain veneers and crowns

Case 4 - Christine

12 CEREC crowns/veneers gave Christine a complete smile makeover. All completed in one day with no temporary crowns to worry about.

Case 5 - Pauline

Three CEREC veneers and one CEREC crown for the upper four front teeth together with a tooth whitening treatment gave Pauline a new smile.

Case 6 - Elaine

A tooth whitening treatment followed by restoring the front upper six teeth with CEREC veneers.

Case 7 - Linda

Poorly made porcelain veneers on front teeth with stained edges replaced with all ceramic CEREC veneers.

Case 8 - Chas

Protruding and chipped front teeth restored with CEREC veneers and a Enlighten whitening treatment.

Chas veneers