T-Scan Bite Analysis

T Scan sensor at Simon Smyth Dentistry
The T-Scan computerised bite analyser allows us to very accurately evaluate how your teeth come together. By having you bite on a thin sensor, we can measure the biting forces on individual teeth and the overall balance of your bite.

Watch the video below to discover why having an even and balanced bite is important and how the use of the T-scan can help achieve this.

Headaches, muscle tension, grinding teeth and premature tooth wear can often be alleviated by properly balancing the bite and the T-Scan is the only accurate way of achieving this.

T Scan bite analysis system at Simon Smyth Dentistry showing biting forces on individual teeth

We are one of only a handful of forward thinking UK dental practices who have invested in and regularly use this technology. We accept referrals from dentists in Southampton, Winchester, Porstsmouth, Fareham and further afield for T Scan bite analysis.